MVP 2016

The annual MVP chess tournament sponsored by the David R. Macdonald Foundation took place on April 19, 2016, once again in The winter Garden of the Harold Washington Library.

128 CPS students represented 32 schools, as one of the finest chess players form CPS chess clubs. Students, parents and coaches enjoyed a full day of chess in a beautiful setting.

High School students were fighting for scholarship money, the total prize fund was $26,000.00. Five trophies were given to the best five players in each section. Medals ant T-shirts for everyone.

In the Varsity Section, Phillip Parker-Turner  from Whitney Young finished first with 5 points, and was awarded $12,000.00

Second place went to Mark Jungo form Hanckock High School with 3.5 points, who was awarded $6,000.00

Third and fourth place winners with $3,000.00 each were Parnav Sriram and Samir Hadzic, both from Lickoln Park High School.

JV section best Freshmen was Akhil Kalghatgi from Whitney Young with perfect score of 5 points, and was awarded $1,000.00. Best Sophomore prize of $1,000.00 was split by Alex Ding from Walter Payton, Mindren Li and George McCoy form Northside prep and Alex Parkel from Whitney Young.

Junior high winner, Aria Hoesley from Decatur with 4.5 points, followed by Daniel Zhang from South Loop, also with 4.5 points.

4-5 grade winner was Zubair Ahmed from Bateman school with 4.5 points.

2-3 grade winner, Andrey Novikov from Bateman with perfect score of 5 points.

K-1 grade winner, Lucas Walsh from Edgebrook school with perfect score of 5 points.